Everyone of my class said in advance that they wanted to come and so they did. The party started at 4:30pm in the assembly hall. The music was loud and good but in the beginning we just stood at the corners because we were a bit shy. But after a few minutes some teachers came into and danced with us.That was funny!

The prefects of our school who organized the party cared aboud some snacks and drinks. Most of my school mates were a bit stylet. Some of them used so mutch pafum that we could not breath anymore-mutch to mutch!

A bit later my friend and I wished ourselves our favourite song. That was amazing! But what I liked a lot too were the many coloured lights and a prefect who wore a Picachu Pokemon Costume.

Later we did a Limbo Competition. The winner recieved the biggest applause but who it was I do not know I did not get it.

All together the party was so amazing that I did not want to go home again. I would be very excited if there would be something like a Mittelstufenparty because next year I am not in the unterstufe anymore.

This party was my first and best school party ever!!!


Written by Marta



There was a big party on the 19th January 2016 from 16:30 to 18:30. The party for the years 5 and 6 was in the assembly hall. There were many and prefects who organized it.

The party was very cool. There was a fantastic atmosphere. The snacks like chips, popcorn- and everything else were delicious. The music was fantastic, they played our favourite songs. First nobody was dancing, but then everyone was dancing and was happy. The costumes from one of the prefects was extraordinary. It looked like a yellow Pokémon. Also funny was the dancing competition for pupils and teachers and who received the most applause was the winner. My favourite battle was the battle between Piper, the prefect and our teacher, Mr Kiso. He won the battle. The limbo competition was funny, too. The winner got a prize.

Well done to everyone who took part in it. It was a real success.

Written by Lea (6c)


The Unterstufenparty – The best Party Ever

On the 19th of January 2016 there was the Unterstufenparty. It was in the assembly hall of the Helene Lange Gymnasium from half past four to half past six. The Prefects organized the party and the head boys and girls organized a snack bar.

Many children from year five and six were at the party. One child from the fifth class showed some dance moves. It was a very funny and amazing party. Year five and six played limbo and after that they had a limbo competition. Joni the boy who showed some dance moves won and another girl also won. So there were two winners. Mr Kiso, Mr Redlich and Ms Volland were also there. At the end of the party some children from the 6c did some secret things on the schoolyard. The DJ chose some good songs and mostly all of the children danced and some Prefects, too. At half past six everyone went home happily.

I think it was the best party ever and the best party in my life. I hope the Prefects do that again.

Written by Mauritius (6c)


The Unterstufenparty in the HLG – The best Party ever

On the 19th of January 2016 in the assembly hall of the HLG there was the first Unterstufenparty since a long time. Many children from the years 5th and 6th were there. The party was planned by the Prefects.

They had a wardrobe where you brought your jacket, your bag and other things. When you went into the assembly hall you saw a little snack bar, with chips and popcorn. In the middle there were many pupils who stood in little groups. At first only four or five children were dancing, but then there were more and more. Shortly thereafter a few children began to do the limbo and it got into a competition that was very funny and exciting. After that everybody was dancing to the music. Then many pupil went to the little bar, the cool thing was, that the drinks and snacks were for free, and the entry for the party, too. The whole party was so structured and everyone who was there was very happy. On this evening everyone noticed, that the HLG isn`t only a school where you learn, no it is a school with a lot of fun and nice pupils.

So a big praise to the prefects and all the children who came, it was the best party ever.

Written by Ava (6c)

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