Book in a Box – Stunning book presentation by 6e

The English class 6e of Ms Becker did a fantastic book presentation using the ‘Book in a Box’ method. There were all kinds of different books chosen – from ‘The Life of Pi’ to ‘Breaking Dawn’ (the last book  of the Twilight Saga). The ‘Book in a Box’ method is presenting a book by decorating a box inside and out with different aspects and elements of a book. The class did very well. A few people even presented in front of the whole class. The task was to present a book that we liked personally using pictures, objects and texts. There were different kind of objects, from uncooked noodles, Lego figures and toys to a toilet paper role. Everyone had a lot of fun and the all the children got a lot of freedom to show off their creative side and their level of skills. We did support each other a lot, too. Overall, it was a great success.

Ananya, Sophie, Yuheng, 6e

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