The Easter Hunt – A real success!

prefects_easzerhunt_2016On the 21st of March, the Prefects organized a wonderful party again. They hid a lot of chocolate eggs on the schoolyard of the HLG.

prefects_easterhuntAt 15.30 o`clock many children from the 5th and 6th form came to the HLG. Then they started to look for chocolate eggs in little groups of five children. The prefects hid so many chocolate eggs and bunnies, that everyone got one. When the pupils found all the eggs and bunnies, they brought their chocolate to the Prefects. Then they counted the eggs and bunnies and the winners got a big chocolate bunny and even more chocolate eggs.

So, thanks to the prefects and the 5th and 6th form who made this event possible. It was a very nice project again and everyone had a lot of fun.

Ava Dlugosch (6c)

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