Ways to make your classroom more environmentally friendly

In English class we talked about how we can protect the environment and what we want to do this week to make our classroom greener. We all want to make sure our planet is healthy and protected in the future. So it is important to think about ways to save the planet together. We know you can’t do everything but try to save energy and water and to reduce waste. We as a school have got a lot of power to make a difference.

Cara and Marc, 6a

What are you going to do to help us make our school more environmentally friendly? Here are our tips:

Use less energy:

Turn off the lights when the sun is out and when you leave the room. Turn down the heating in your classroom (especially when you open the windows!).

Save water:

Don’t let the water run for too long when you wash your hands.

Collect rubbish and recycle:

When you see trash on the ground, pick it up and throw it away properly. Make sure to separate it and throw it into the right bin so plastic and paper can be recycled. Also collect plastic and glass bottles and bring them to a supermarket to return them so they can be recycled.

Upcycle old things:

Turn old things into something new and useful. For example, you could make a new pencil case out of an old pair of jeans. Maybe you can do a cool upcycling project in art class.

Rethink your school things:

Use paper folders instead of plastic folders. Use recycled paper and make sure to not waste paper (also use the back of the paper). Bring your snacks and drinks in reusable lunch boxes/ bottles.


Take your bike to get to school or even walk there if you live nearby. When you live too far away take the bus or the metro.

Cara and Marc, 6a

(Lisa Wieck)

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