MUNOL – Model United Nations of Lübeck

MUNOL – Model United Nations of Lübeck

Motion to open the debate! We – Alina (10d), Estelle (S2), Max (S2) and Hadley (10a) – will probably never forget this sentence. Not too curious though, considering the fact that we spent a whole (and unforgettable) week debating, using only such not-habitual phrases and only referring to ourselves in third person. Representing Norway, one of the most neutral countries in the world – the mayonnaise in the USA-Russia-sandwich – our time at MUNOL from June 2nd to June 7th 2014 was quite filled with attempts to compromise.

MUNOL stands for Model United Nations of Lübeck. Or, more than 300 students, from three continents and more than ten different countries wearing strange and only half-fitting business clothes and debating about some of the most important issues concerning our grown-up role models at the UN. Topics were, for example, facilitating online criminal police investigation, therapeutic human cloning, protection of marine mammals (well, that perhaps is the only topic were Norway is neither neutral, nor “normal” but a total misfit) and corruption.

Generously supported by the HLG Schulverein (thank you very much!) the four of us got the chance to, on the one hand, work hard and learn incredibly much and, on the other hand, get to know terribly nice people from all over our problem-loaded planet and participate in the lovely evening events. Now one may think “work hard” and “learn much” might not be the best attributes for an enjoyable week but try and you’ll be proven wrong! Seeing that you are not discussing schoolbook truths but real, current problems you will not only experience a fun and enthralling way of learning but really get a chance to help making a step towards solving problems. How? Resolutions worked out and approved will be sent to the actual UN in New York.

We are thankful for having been enabled to take part in this gorgeous project and hope that this was the first of many following HLG delegations in Lübeck. The delegate yields the floor.

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