Waterskiing with the Prefects


prefectsWaterskiing_072016_3 my name is Liv, I’m a student from the 6c (Ms Josten/Mr Kiso). On 21st of June my class and the Prefects went waterskiing. Mostly everyone never did this before so we were all really excited. Some of us were also a little bit scarred. When we arrived we were really surprised that the facility was so big.

„Thank you for that great trip.

We all loved it!!!“

Then they gave us wetsuits so we could stay warm in the water. It was really weird to wear those because they felt so wet and heavy. After we put those on we went to the lake to finally get started. It was really nice that the Prefects were with us because they helped us to get overprefectsWaterskiing_072016_4 our fears. They also helped us to get the skies on and secure them. In the first round everyone fell off really early but we got better and better. After an hour I think the first people reached the end of the track. The record of rprefectsWaterskiing_072016_2ounds was five! Our teachers Ms Josten and Mr Kiso also tried it and they did a really good job! It was also really fun to walk back once we fell down because we always pushed each other in the water. The water wasn’t so cold so some also swam the whole way back. We all were really sad once we had to leave because it was so much fun!!! But I hope that we will maybe do it again in a few years. I think everyone out of my class would love to do it again.

Thank you for that great trip. We all loved it!!!

Liv (6c)

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